Cost of Study

Cost of education depends on the course and university that you choose to study from. We have collated the average fee information for you in the below table.

Study ProgramAverage fees in EURO*
Undergraduate bachelor’s degree€20,000 to €30,000 annually
Postgraduate master’s degree€30,000 to €40,000 annually
MBA€30,000 to €40,000 annually

The above-mentioned tuition fees chart is for the private universities in Germany. Private universities in Germany are not free. There are no tuition fees for public universities in Germany they just charge a small amount of money for administrative costs, student union and public transport. This payment is known as “semester contribution” and it is paid at the beginning of each semester. “Semester contribution” costs between €200 to €400 each semester.

Cost of student visa

The cost of student visa for Germany is approximately €60.

Cost of health insurance

Health insurance for international students costs from €105 – €112 per month with a public health insurance provider, and it covers basic healthcare as well as long-term care insurance.

International students over 30 in Germany who are not eligible to receive state-provided health insurance will need to subscribe to a private health insurance scheme. Private health insurance for students in Germany is not by any means inferior to public health insurance as long as you choose the right company and the right plan.

We recommend EDUCARE24 M, which consists of international health insurance, accident insurance, personal liability insurance and deportation costs insurance.

Cost of Living

To obtain a student visa, you will be required to provide evidence documents supporting your financial requirements, while studying in Ireland. We will guide you on these requirements and rules around the evidence to cover the costs of your stay, study and living expenses. You will be required to provide your proof of funds in the following manner:

Cost for student only – Evidence of funds to cover living expenses and your course fee. Evidence required is as below –

Under current law in Germany, every international student must possess at least €10,332 in his/her bank account in order to be able to finance their studies for the first year at least. This law is based on the idea that a foreign student spends at least €861 each month.

Public universities in Germany are mostly free, but in case student plans to purse study in private university than the student needs to show evidence of funds to cover tuition expenses of private university, plus €10,332 for living expense.

Cost for Partner and child – You must possess enough financial resources to cover the living costs of yourself and of any joining relative. Such money should cover the entire period of stay in Germany, and you must not rely on Germany’s public funds.

The below table indicates average rental expenses.

Accommodation type Expenses (Indicative) Shared Rental €280 to €340 per month Private Accommodation (bills not included) €400 to €550 per month Student Residence €250 to €300 per month

Other Living Expenses

Groceries and eating out £140 to £170 per month
Health Insurance, Medicine£105 to £112 per month
Phone and Internet £25 to £30 per month
Public transport £70 to £90 per month
Entertainment£50 to £70 per month