Education System

The Australian government has drawn up a framework known as ‘Australian Qualification Framework (AQF)’ to ensure that the quality being offered at the various education levels in the country is maintained. This enables smooth transition for students from one level of education to another, provided the visa requirements are fulfilled. With AQF, your degree is recognised and authorised by the government.

There are 40 government universities and two international universities and one private university to choose from for your bachelor degrees or postgraduate courses. The internationally recognised qualifications and high education standards make Australia a preferable choice for Indian students.

Qualifications offered

Below are the levels and qualifications as per Australian Qualification Framework (AQF):

Level Qualification Duration
Level 5 Diploma 1 to 2 years
Level 6 Advanced Diploma 1.5 to 2 years
  Associate Degree 2 years
Level 7 Bachelor Degree 3 to 4 years
Level 8
Bachelor Honours 1 year
         Graduate Certificate      0.5 to 1 year
Graduate Diploma 0.5 to 1 year
Level 9
(Post Graduate)
Master’s Degree (coursework) 1 to 2 years
   Master’s Degree (research) 1 to 2 years
Master’s Degree (extended) 3 to 4 years
Level 10
(Post Graduate)
Doctoral Degree 3 to 4 years