Education System

The Irish government has developed a framework know as ‘National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ)’ to ensure that quality of education, being offered at the various levels, is maintained.

This enables smooth transition for students from one level of education to another, provided the visa requirements are fulfilled. Since the qualifications under NFQ correspond with that of European Qualification Framework, your degree is recognized and accepted globally.

The higher education comprises universities, colleges, and institutes of technology, most of which are Irish government funded. Ireland has a total of 7 universities, 7 colleges of education, 15 private higher education institutions and 14 Institutes of Technology (IoT). There a few additional third-level private institutions in Ireland that offer specialized education in disciplines like business studies, art and design, law, medicine, etc.

Qualifications offered

Below are the levels and qualifications as per National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ):

Level 7Ordinary Bachelor Degree3 years
Level 8Honours Bachelor Degree3 to 4 years
Level 8Higher Diploma1 year
Level 9Postgraduate Diploma1 year
Level 9Master’s Degree1 to 2 years
Level 10Doctoral Degreeapproximately 4-years